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35 joker slot

Covid-19 in numbers India adds 43,263 cases inn 24 hours, Kerala contributes 30,196

Urjit Patel Ignoring climate risks will complicate macroeconomic management

Editorial Settlement test: Phased, optional transition to T+1 is a pragmatic decision

Web Exclusive

KPR Mills, Raymond, Arvind: PLI scheme may trigger rally up to 23%

Transport for London signs 10-yr-contract with TCS for mobility system

Airtel-backed OneWeb's AT&T satellite deal challenges Musk in his backyard

ONGC exploring purchase of woodside stake in Senegal oil field

Hit by GST recovery notices and summons, industry calls for help

US acting ambassador meets RSS chief, holds 'good discussion'

Notion acquires Automate.io; gets its first engineering hub in India

IIT Madras ranked best institution in India, IISc in research: NRIF ranking

Opinion Waking up the neighbours: Taliban's new govt will upset India, China

Kanika Datta India Inc can be forgiven if it is confused about its relationship with the govt

SPAC mergers are here to stay, says Dabur family scion Gaurav Burman

PM Modi to virtually chair the 13th BRICS summit today, says MEA


The armed forces are inducting women into the National Defence Academy. Has the country taken a giant step forward towards having women in combat roles?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can't Say







Central banks must stop pussyfooting on climate

Urjit Patel

Ignoring climate risks will complicate macroeconomic management, just as overlooking financial risks eventually led to the global financial crisis

Schizophrenia over business

Kanika Datta

'The government is not given to introspection about its own weaknesses', says the author


Settlement test

Phased, optional transition to T 1 is a pragmatic decision

Politics vs governance

RBI's supervision of co-op banks gets a body blow



Senior citizens above 75 years can avoid filing ITR from next year

Instead, they will just have to make a declaration in Form 12BBA to their bank, which will deduct TDS


Realme Book Slim review: Tad expensive, but a whole lot better than peers

The Realme Book Slim challenges the conventions set by legacy brands, and it does so with confidence